Transport settlement

Accounting and bookkeeping transport companies in the field of transport

  • professional timesheet of drivers,
  • settling time of drivers (driving time, rest periods, other work, preparedness, overtime, night time, work on Sundays and public holidays)
  • collection and archiving of data from driver cards and digital tachographs
  • Free access to the client
  • free downloading data from driver cards and tachographs our customers
  • audit controls before state authorities in order to reduce the risk of imposing penalties for breaches of duty.


  • Visiting the customer (in Krakow)FREE
  • read data from the tachograph or driver card 50 PLN
  • manufacturing documents: timesheet driver, settlement delegation 50 PLN
  • report offenses (in addition to records of drivers’ hours and settled delegation) 20 PLN


Comprehensive service:

Access to the client, reading the required data, timesheet drivers settlement delegation: 90 PLN

Ability to negotiate prices for a larger number of customers and vehicles stationed at the entrance point jedej, parking, etc.

Phone: 503-944-664