Training program

Basic course for category B
In normal mode includes:

  • 30 hours of theoretical classes
  • 30 hours of practical classes

Theoretical part:
Lectures last for a period of two weeks from Mon to Fri from hrs. 18:00 to 20:30.

During the theoretical part of the student takes part in a lecture, then the tests are solved with a thematic unit as well as playing a video related to the topic of lectures.

First aid takes place in the first week of lectures. Includes: lecture, medical examinations and exercises.

Training Materials 15 zł manual + code database access exam questions.

Basic course for category B

In an expedited extra curriculum includes:

  • 15 theoretical hours
  • 30 practical hours

Lectures last for a period of 1 week from 18:00 to 20:30 pm

Participation in lectures depends on the student (our resort offers 15 hours).

First aid is held on Tuesdays. It includes lecture, medical examinations and exercises.

To start a course is necessary profile candidate for the Driver (PKK) Manufacturing of its own.

Training materials free of charge.

  • The course for Cat. B in an accelerated student has the opportunity to register for the exam theoretical state. After passing this exam and presentation of a certificate from the MORD carried out the practical part.
  • To test the theoretical and practical, you can also join after completing the theoretical and practical in our center.
  • Students who belong to the Municipality of Krakow may refer to the Driver Training Centre “Eagle” to help wyrobieniu number of PKK.