History of DS

Driver Training Centre “Eagle” is the largest private OSK in Krakow. It was founded in October 1996. It has three offices and three classrooms fully computerized, where computers are used for theoretical classes and to read the exam tests driving. For the theoretical classes are also used in audio-video equipment, and a number of other teaching aids.

Our Driver Training Centre has all types of test vehicles, offers courses in driving especially in category A and B. Our company employs qualified instructors, which is characterized by high personal culture, patience and a big psychological knowledge, which in turn affects the learning to drive even in Krakow, runs efficiently in a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere. In June 2005, our center is the only one in Krakow received a quality certificate issued by the Motor Transport Institute. We also have Accreditation Board of Education and trust of State, which entrust us with training under the Structural Funds, audits of these institutions confirm the quality of our training. We encourage you to take advantage of our offer and start driving in our centers in Krakow.